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General Terms and Conditions

Article 1 | Definitions

Be Boulder Amsterdam B.V. is the trade name of the sports facility, operated at Anthony Fokkerweg 75 in Amsterdam, and is legally established in Amsterdam.
Visitors within the meaning of these general terms and conditions are all natural persons who make use of the described premises.
Active visitors within the meaning of these general terms and conditions are visitors who make use of the offered sports facilities at Anthony Fokkerweg 75. Active visitors are required to be registered in the Be Boulder membership database before they can use the sports facilities.
Article 2 | Safety

Active visitors are required to familiarize themselves with the house rules and the general terms and conditions of Be Boulder, which are located at the reception desk and in the immediate vicinity of the bouldering facilities, before using the sports facilities. If there is any ambiguity regarding these regulations or the manner of compliance, visitors are obliged to seek clarification from the staff present before making use of the facilities.
Violation of the house rules may result in removal from Be Boulder and/or the associated premises. Immediate termination of the Be Boulder membership may also occur, without any right to a refund of the access or membership fee.
Active visitors commit to using the facilities only if their health condition is optimal and their physical condition is sufficient to undertake the offered sports activities.
Active visitors are obliged to not only consider their own safety but also that of others when using the facilities.
The safety rules are described in the 'house rules'.
Article 3 | Access

Every active visitor wishing to use the offered sports facilities must register at the reception desk during their first visit, thereby accepting the house and safety rules and the general terms and conditions, and will receive a copy of the completed registration form if desired.
Every active visitor must always register at the reception desk before starting their sports activities.
Children under the age of 8 may only access the mats and bouldering walls under the supervision of a Be Boulder employee and by appointment.
Active visitors aged 8 to 12 may only access the bouldering facilities under the direct supervision of at least one adult visitor who has signed the registration form.
Independent bouldering is allowed from the age of 12.
Every visitor must be able to provide identification.
Be Boulder is entitled to independently determine the opening hours and to limit the duration of visits.
Article 4 | Removal and Exclusion

Visitors who, in the judgment of Be Boulder staff, do not comply with the general terms and conditions or safety regulations and/or house rules and/or behave in such a way that order, concentration, or safety is jeopardized, may be immediately removed once.
In case of repetition, Be Boulder may decide on exclusion. The definitively removed or excluded visitor has no right to a refund of membership or access fees.
Article 5 | Liability

Be Boulder is never liable for damage suffered by visitors as a result of theft or loss in or around the facility.
Nor is Be Boulder liable for damage to or caused by visitors that is (partly) the result of a limited physical condition or health of the visitor when they use the sports facilities, while they should have realized that this was irresponsible given their physical condition.
Nor is Be Boulder liable for damage to or caused by defects and/or shortcomings in the bouldering materials used by the visitor.
Nor can damage resulting from violations by the visitor of these general terms and conditions and/or safety regulations lead to any liability of Be Boulder.
Staff members of Be Boulder maintain limited supervision over the safety of visitors, except in the case of instructing visitors, thus Be Boulder accepts limited liability in this regard.
Be Boulder accepts liability for damage to visitors that is the proven result of a defect in the material provided by Be Boulder, except in the case that this material defect cannot be attributed to Be Boulder.
In some cases, Be Boulder provides services in the form of instructions; Be Boulder is not liable for damage resulting from actions or omissions by subordinates or partially attributable to those subordinates, unless there is intent or gross negligence on the part of the subordinate.
If Be Boulder should be liable on any grounds, such liability will only lead to compensation for damage to the extent that such liability is covered by Be Boulder's insurance and up to the amount paid out under that insurance. If Be Boulder's insurer does not proceed to payout to the injured party despite the coverage, or if the insurer is not obliged to payout due to a non-insurance-covered attributable shortcoming of Be Boulder, Be Boulder's liability is limited to a maximum of €10,000 per event. By accessing Be Boulder or participating in events of Be Boulder, the visitor or participant declares to accept and agree to this arrangement.
The visitor is liable for damage caused to the building and inventory by them personally.

Article 6 | Applicable General Terms and Conditions

These General Terms and Conditions apply from the moment of the date mentioned below, which coincides with the moment of publication. Be Boulder is at all times entitled to amend these general terms and conditions. The new terms take effect immediately upon publication and cannot infringe upon the previously acquired rights of visitors, except in the case of renewed memberships and after the expiration of the membership.

Be Boulder, 01/03/2020 Amsterdam

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