Of course, Be Boulder has Be Boulder sweaters and t-shirts for the true enthusiast! We have various sizes available for women, men and children.




Make sure to keep an eye on our updates for new products and designs!

Sweater adults € 54,95
Sweater kids € 50,95
T-shirt men € 24,95
T-shirt women € 27,95
T- shirt kids € 22,95

In addition to the clothing, we have also had our own Be Boulder chalk bags made. The chalk bag is of a small size. Although the boulder chalk bag is generally larger than the classic chalk bag, we still opted for the smaller size. Besides the fact that this is obviously the most beautiful chalk bag ever, it is also very durable and can simply be tied around your waist.

Chalk bag € 19,95





The Be Boulder bottle is once again a beautiful, but especially practical addition to your collection! The carabiner ensures that you can easily hang it on your bag so it doesn't take up extra space.

Bottle € 13,95


The Be Boulder cap must not be forgotten! A must-have to complete your set ;)

Cap € 16,95


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