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New grading system

1 may 2024
New grading system

Starting with the first reset in May, we will completely overhaul our grading system. Instead of using a color system, we will now grade each boulder individually. 

Additionally, we will transition from assigning specific grades to each boulder to using a range of grades.

This means that beneath each boulder, you will now find a tag indicating the grade range for that boulder.

Why do ask? Well, it will bring the following benefits for you guys:

  • Every colour of holds can now be used for every level of boulder. This means there will be a lot more creative and different boulders to set.
  • On your level you will thus have a plethora of different holds to climb
  • The grade range system will allow you guys to more easily step outside of your comfort zone and take on new challenges

We are confident that this change, even though it might take some mental adjustments from your side, will bring a very positive change to your climbing experience!

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