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Be Boulder Saving Time

1 april 2024
Be Boulder Saving Time

Daylight Saving Time time comes with Be Boulder Saving Time!

We like to start the spring with a fun addition to bouldering. Throughout the entire month of April, you get the chance to save for all sorts of practical climbing products such as brushes, magnesium, chalk bags, bananas (against smelly shoes), and even punch cards and lessons during your visit to Be Boulder.

Participating is simple, just come in and grab a savings card. For every €5 you spend, you get a stamp to stick on. Once you have saved a certain number of stamps, you can spend them on products or services you need.

We have added three different steps of rewards in the saving process. With each next step, the reward is naturally greater ;)

Explanation and conditions

Savings card:

  • The free savings card can be picked up at the counter
  • You can only pick up 1 savings card at a time
  • If you have submitted a full savings card, you can of course get a new one
  • In case of loss of your savings card, you can also get a new one. We cannot replace the stamps you had saved


  • For every €5 spent, you get 1 stamp
  • Subscription holders and punch card holders receive 1 stamp per visit! Don't forget to pick this up at the counter!
  • Stamps can be saved throughout the month of April
  • Stamps must be stuck from left to right and from top to bottom


  • The rewards are divided into three steps during the saving process
  • Each step offers unique rewards
  • The rewards are listed on the savings card
  • The first step and its corresponding rewards are achieved after saving 12 stamps
  • The second step and its corresponding rewards are achieved after saving 17 stamps
  • The third and final step and its corresponding rewards are achieved after saving 22 stamps
  • Unfortunately, our stock of products is not infinite, so when they're gone, they're gone!


  • This promotion runs the entire month of April
  • Savings cards with the corresponding rewards can be redeemed until May 10
  • Saving together is possible! Just make sure that the saved stamps are stuck on 1 savings card. Two half savings cards do not make one full savings card ;)
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