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Be Boulder operates with routes in 7 different colors. Each color corresponds to a specific level. Additionally, we have the extra color pink, where the level ranges from 3 to 8a+.

As you will notice, the levels of the different colors overlap somewhat. So, try out routes of many different colors!


The hall is made up of 16 small segments. Each week, 4 of these segments will be replaced (2 segments on Monday and 2 segments on Thursday). After 4 weeks, the entire hall will have been replaced, and the process starts over.



Minimum 50 new boulders per week to keep exciting your climbing heart!!

Color Grade
Yellow 3 through 4a
Green 4a through 5a
Orange 5a through 5b
Blue 5b through 6a
Red 6a through 6b
Purple 6b through 6c
Black 6c through 7c
Pink 3 through 8a+










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