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Be Boulder operates with boulders in 5 different grades, marked by numerical values. While we don't assign specific grades, we operate within a grade range. For example, a boulder may have a difficulty level ranging from 7A to 7C+, but the tag underneath the boulder will only state '7' (see the picture on the right).



If you wish to view the specific grade for a boulder, you can download the Toplogger application (link provided below). Here, our setters grade the boulders they create, and climbers like yourself can also provide feedback. After a while, the assigned grade of the boulder will adjust based on the collective input from climbers.

The hall is composed of 16 small segments. Every week, 3 segments are replaced—2 on Monday and 1 on Thursday. After 5 to 6 weeks, the entire hall is refreshed, and the cycle begins anew


Minimum 25 new boulders per week to keep exciting your climbing heart!!

Number Grade Range
3 3 through 4
4 4 through 5
5 5A through 5C+
6 6A through 6C+
7 7A through 8







Check out the current boulders on Toplogger

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