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Summer camp 1

Summer camp 1
22 - 26 july 2024
9:00 - 17:00

Registration for our summer camps is finally open!

For children aged 8 to 12:

  • Week 1: July 22 to 26  
  • Week 2: August 26 to 30  

Following the success of both camps last year, we will do our best to make the camps even more fun this year! With a week full of bouldering and other fun activities, we’ll start and end the summer vacation of 2024 with a blast!

Every day, there will be an extensive lesson plan of 3.5 hours where the children will receive instruction at their own level. The lessons will, of course, not only consist of dry material but will also be filled with various fun (bouldering) games.

Between the two lesson sessions, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon, we will have an activity. From Monday to Thursday, these activities will be at a different location than Be Boulder. On Friday, we have an activity planned at Be Boulder.

The following activities will take place outside Be Boulder:

  • Fun-Forest
  • Swimming
  • Tennis
  • The last activity is still a surprise!

The schedule for the week will be as follows:

* Because we depend on the weather for certain activities, we cannot yet say exactly which activity will take place on which day.


The costs for participation are:

  • € 300 for kids who have their own climbing shoes
  • € 350 for kids who need to get their climbing shoes from Be Boulder**

**The climbing shoes will of course be theirs after the camp.

A detailed file with more practical information, and above all, all the important points that ensure the safety of your children, can be requested. This file will be sent to everyone who registers.

You can sign up by sending an email to info@beboulder.nl

For questions, you can also always email the same address.

The trainers and the rest of our team can't wait to make it an unforgettable summer again!!

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