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Children's Parties

Children can celebrate their birthday with us starting from the age of 6 on Wednesday and Friday afternoons, as well as Saturday mornings. There's nothing more enjoyable than climbing and scrambling in our children's section. Across the three floors, we have trampolines, a foam pit, and of course, plenty of climbing routes!

To ensure all children return home safely, it's important to have adequate supervision. For every 3 children, we require 1 supervisor. Additionally, we offer the option to have a trainer accompany as a supervisor. The fun part is that the trainer will teach the children various aspects of bouldering and assist them where needed.

On the upper floor of our catering area, a separate space will be reserved where decorations can be hung, gifts can be placed, and of course, the cake can be cut. Additionally, children can enjoy their fries, toasted sandwiches, croquettes, and smoothies here after the event!

The only thing children will need for this active party is sportswear. The climbing shoes required can be rented from us. Generally, children are finished climbing after 1.5 hours. If the arrangement option is chosen, the children can then sit at the table to satisfy their hunger and thirst.

To ensure everything runs smoothly, we would greatly appreciate it if the children and any accompanying adults arrive and depart at the same time. If there are any unexpected changes, it would be helpful for us to know as soon as possible.


Prices per child

Entrance € 12,50
Shoe rental € 5
Chicken nuggets or grilled cheese sandwich € 4,95
French fries € 2,50
Smoothie € 4,95
Package* € 26,45
Trainer Be Boulder** € 50

*All the above options are included in the package.

**The cost for a trainer from Be Boulder is for the entire group and for the total duration of the party.

Of course, in addition to the mandatory costs of entrance and shoe rental, it is always possible to purchase any of the above options regarding food or drinks separately.

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