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Fysio Be Boulder

11 augustus 2022
Fysio Be Boulder



Elke woensdag van 19:00 tot 20:00 fysiotherapie bij Be Boulder!

Sabine en Hidde zullen een aanspreekpunt zijn voor iedereen die met een fysieke klacht loopt. Ook zullen zij in sommige gevallen direct een eerste behandeling kunnen geven. 

De check ups zijn geheel kosteloos, dus schroom niet om ze aan te spreken en advies te vragen.

HIDEKAZU KUWABARA                                 

After graduating in physiotherapy in Japan, he moved to the Netherlands in 2014.
Since then, he has been working as a physiotherapist at several football clubs in the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and Brazil. With his holistic approach, he can treat and train in a targeted way, so that acute and long-term complaints can be solved quickly and efficiently. He combines Western science with Eastern wisdom to find the underlying cause of issues. His speciality lies in football/sports injuries, especially in the lower body. Clients call him inquisitive, a good listener and pleasant to work with.

Languages: Dutch, English, Japanese


After obtaining her physiotherapy degree in Latvia in 2015,  last year she moved to the Netherlands to do a Master’s degree here in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Sciences.
During her studies, she missed working with patients and that’s how she ended up at Art of Physio
In practice, she has gained a lot of experience with different types of treatments and methods.
With her analytical ability, she is very good at the diagnostic process and finding the most effective and evidence-based approach.
Her speciality is in joint injuries, rehabilitation after (and definitely before) surgery or bone fractures. She enjoys working with headaches/ neck and shoulder pain patients. Clients call her committed and straight to the point.

Languages: English, Latvian



Pain free quickly

Our goal is to get you where you want to be as quickly as possible. And that is often faster than you think!

Support on your training

When your muscles and joints work better, you perform better and the risk of injury is smaller.


Prevention is key. Regular checkups prevent small injuries and aches from becoming problematic. This way you can continue training for longer without complaints.


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